Monday, November 8, 2010

Polymer Clay Discoveries in Mokume Gane & Mica Shift Techniques

I'm currently working on a series of cabochon pendants using the mokume gane and mica shift techniques. These are 2 of my favorite techniques to explore, the combination's and color palettes are limitless. Of course, I love working with Premo Metallic clay, I really think it performs the best, especially with mica shift applications. I'm also experimenting with Pardo Translucent Art Clay, it has a crystal-like clarity that I haven't found in other brands. Using extremely thin layers of the Pardo Translucent, silver leaf, and some of my unique Mica Shift canes to create a cabochon with more depth & sheen. I must admit I have this terrible habit of not writing down the different techniques I create and then wondering how in the world I did it!
 Below are a few pics of the process, making up my metallic color blends, the impressed mokume gane sheet.