Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Polymer Clay Tutorial

 This tutorial illustrates how to apply a 2-part resin coating to the top surface of 3 Different Types of Pendants:

• Flat, smooth pendants, Steps 1-12
• Raised textured pendants, Steps 13-15
• Curved Pendants, Steps 16-19
• Adding a second coat of resin, Steps 20-21

I just released my third Tutorial, I thought I'd never finish this one! It has 35 pages & 61 Photos. The photos are close-ups, so you can easily follow the step by step format. The reason I decided to write this particular tutorial is that I've had so many customers & folks on my fan page ask me "How do you get that shine on your pendants"? Now, you can find out the steps I take to get that great domed effect & fabulous shine on the most difficult to cover projects like the Raised Surface Pendants, I make in my Cabochon Pendant Tutorial! This is the way I found that works best for me, and I get perfect results every time.
You can find my newest tutorial in my Etsy Shop Beadazzle Me

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mica Shift Revisted

Mica Shift Caramel Stripes
I'm bringing back my old mica shift striped pendants for 2012, in new colors and styles! I made so many of these back in 2008. I changed these a bit by adding a nice thick coating of resin.