Monday, November 8, 2010

Polymer Clay Discoveries in Mokume Gane & Mica Shift Techniques

I'm currently working on a series of cabochon pendants using the mokume gane and mica shift techniques. These are 2 of my favorite techniques to explore, the combination's and color palettes are limitless. Of course, I love working with Premo Metallic clay, I really think it performs the best, especially with mica shift applications. I'm also experimenting with Pardo Translucent Art Clay, it has a crystal-like clarity that I haven't found in other brands. Using extremely thin layers of the Pardo Translucent, silver leaf, and some of my unique Mica Shift canes to create a cabochon with more depth & sheen. I must admit I have this terrible habit of not writing down the different techniques I create and then wondering how in the world I did it!
 Below are a few pics of the process, making up my metallic color blends, the impressed mokume gane sheet.


  1. Me gusta mucho lo que haces. Me he hecho seguidora tuya. Besos desde Barcelona (España)