Saturday, May 29, 2010

Polymer Clay Paperweight

Here's one of my many Polymer Cane covered rock paperweights. I've made so many of these over the years I have quite a collection. Below is a Periwinkle & Green one I made for my husbands desk. The flowers in the photo are actually weeds from our backyard. The pink puffy one is giving me ideas for a new polymer clay project!!
I also love to collect Glass Paperweights, the photo below shows some of my collection. Some are antiques, some are Caithness from Scotland & a few are made from the ash of Mount St. Helen. My folks were antique collectors, in later years my Mom even had her own shop up in CT. So I have lots of antique collectible items, such as: Oil lamps, Cut glass, vases & decorative plates.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Polymer Clay Dangling Leaves Necklace

Dangling Leaves necklace was created using Premo polymer clay, with white pearl as the base & tinting each leaf with bits of either blue pearl or red pearl, to get just the right shade. The raw leaves were rubbed with Pearl-X powder. I used inset glass beads in the top of each leaf instead of using a metal eyelet, I think it adds color & sparkle too!

Polymer Clay Faux Dichroic Bangle Bracelet

Faux...Faux...Faux!  This is a bangle bracelet I made on a base of Kato Clay, formed around a Coke can as an armature. I cut the Coke can in half so it will just fit inside my clay oven. I always use a base band of Kato because it makes the bracelet extremely strong, yet slightly flexible. I created this in 4 layers, with 4 separate bakings. After the final baking I wet sanded it, inside & out, then hand buffed it to a silky smooth sheen! Try making a bangle's so much fun:)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Polymer Clay Raw Canes

A collection of some of my raw polymer clay canes. When the mood strikes me I'll make a bunch of different canes, I usually work on about 3 projects at once. If I get tired of working on one, or can't come up with any new ideas,  I simply set it aside & go on to something new. I guess that's why my desk top is always such a jumbled mess! I have so many ideas just bouncing around inside my head, that I started to sketch them in a notebook, now I have an ever-growing number of jewelry designs in front of me, but not enough time to make them all!
Hopefully, once we move & get settled in, I'll have a lot more time for claying around:)
Olive & Grape Cane: This was used to make the pendant below
Color Cube Canes: used to make the earrings below
Available in my Etsy Shop :

Polymer Clay Summer Fruity Charm Bracelet

Brand new Summer Fruity Charm bracelet is a happy blend of fruity colors: Melon, Lime, Lemon, Kiwi, with a hint of black! Add some Citrus charm to your wardrobe...
Summer has certainly arrived in Florida & it's! but the pool sure is refreshing!

Polymer Clay Seafoam Long Chain Necklace

I was inspired to start a new series of long chain necklaces after I saw my daughter wearing this style from some of her favorite shops like: Ann Taylor Loft & J.Crew. They are popular right now & can be worn as a layered look with another plain silver chain or even another beaded necklace. I tried lots of different color combination's such as Amethyst & Teal, Salmon & Peach & Copper-Silver-Gold.
My next one is going to include Black with some plum & purplish shades, those are my favorites & I wear a lot of those colors too.

Polymer Clay Faux Geode Bracelet

The Faux Geode bracelet is made with a cane similar to the one I used in the Faux Geode necklace (shown in an earlier post). I used Fimo translucent clay with a tint of Premo purple & violet. The bracelet is strung on purple jewelry wire, I also added charcoal colored glass accent beads. I love making these unusual pieces, I never sell them, I just keep adding to my collection that I display in my craft studio.

Polymer Clay Pendant

This is one of my pendants that was published in the book “Polymer Artists Showcase“  The front of the pendant is a gradation of cinnamon/russet colors, with black lines & dots to complete the composition. The back is a Mica Shift pattern done in a pearl gold/bronze color. The bail at the top is actually a steel bead that I inserted with a wire into the top of the pendant to hold it securely, I like using odd & unexpected things for bails, I am a great collector of odds & ends, that I just know someday I might possibly use in one of my creations. Maybe that makes me a hoarder of sorts? Well, I guess if you looked inside my craft closet you would see I’m not much of an organizer:( but, I know exactly where things are in my hodgepodge, jumbled up craft closet.  Just ask me for a purple flat-backed rhinestone, & with a little digging, well maybe a lot, I’m sure to find one!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Polymer Jewelry is Published in Polymer Artists Showcase

I was so excited to have four of my Polymer Jewelry pieces published in Tejae Floyde's  latest full-color book Polymer Artists Showcase. Tejae has been featured on, and is affectionately known as the "Queen of Hearts". Her work has been published in Somerset Studio, PolymerCafe, Exploring Connections, Progress and Possibilities and "400 Polymer Clay Designs" by Lark books. She is also a member of Craft Edu. faculty.

 Below is the explanation that accompanies her book:
Polymer Artists Showcase includes popular well known polymer artists as well as never before published artists. Polymer art photos were collected from contributing artists from all over the globe. This photo book is an eclectic mix of jewelry, sculpture and various polymer art. An inspiring resource. Full color photos include artists name, flickr name and website (if available). A great gift for any polymer enthusiast.
Polymer Clay Reversible Pendant as seen in the book

My Signature Watercolor Rainbow Pillow Beads appear in the book


Polymer Clay Faux Geode Necklace

This necklace was created using a Faux technique. I used Fimo Classic translucent for this project as it is a firm clay suitable for caning. I mixed tiny bits of Premo in Violet & Purple to make the clear colors, edged in a translucent black squiggles cane I created.

I’m still wondering whatever possessed me to create this piece, it must be my ongoing love of Rocks & Geodes. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve had this fascination with rocks:  Large river rocks, amethyst geodes, quartz, mica…just about any form of rock & I will collect it! I think I picked the wrong place to live when I moved to Florida…no rocks here! Just shells (another obsession) & lots of sand! You actually have to buy rocks here & are they ever expensive too!!

I absolutely love the smooth river rocks, I paint them with whimsical designs & bright colors, so they can decorate my flower garden. Of course I also have my indoor rocks too! I paint those to resemble cats, dogs, bunnies & raccoons! I save the smaller smooth rocks to use as paperweights covered with colorful polymer clay canes.

I’ve also gotten in to trouble with my rock addiction. Every vacation I just have to gather a few rocks as mementos of our visit. Well, one winter vacation we all flew to the coast of Maine. Needless to say, I was in rock heaven! My family looked on from the comfort of the warm car, shaking their heads as I gathered handfuls of granite in the freezing weather. I had so many rocks packed in my suitcase & handbag I could barely zip them, much to the dismay of the officers checking through the baggage for contraband. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but many people were asked to voluntarily get off the small commuter flight out of Bangor, due to excess weight. Do you think it could have had anything to do with my precious collection of rocks?

Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Pendant & Earring Set

Here’s my latest creation, it’s a Polymer Clay Mokume Gane technique Pendant with matching earrings.

Mokume Gane is a Japanese metalworking technique in which thin layers of metal are fused together and manipulated to create beautiful patterns that resemble the grain of wood. In fact, “mokume gane” means “wood-eye metal” in Japanese. Polymer clay artists mimic this process by laminating sheets of polymer clay together, distorting them, and slicing thin sheets from the stack to reveal the resultant patterns.

I’ve always loved Lime Green & Purple together, kinda weird combination, but that’s me. The greens are actually Premo pearl, so they are quite shimmery, it doesn’t really show in the photo. I’m writing this & listening to Jay Z’s new song Young Forever, I tried to get it to play on this page, but I’m still learning how to do this blogging thingy & I haven’t gotten that far into it yet:(

Polymer Clay Calendar

My Polymer Bracelet “Circles” is published in this full color craft calendar by my friend Marjorie Oxman. She is an accomplished flame-work bead artist & creates gorgeous jewelry with her handmade beads.
I was thrilled when Marjorie discovered my polymer jewelry on my Flickr site.
The calendars are available through the Lulu site listed below.

Polymer Clay Mica Shift Bracelet

Mica Shift cabochon bracelet features a design motif of various plaids, squares & dots. The handmade cabochons are paired with russet colored freshwater pearls & assembled with copper findings.
For these cabochons I used a Mica Shift technique  that involves using a deep cut rubber stamp. Some stamps are made specifically for use with clay & are therefore deeply cut & leave a nice impression. Lisa Pavelka makes a fabulous line of rubber stamps , for polymer clay & PMC. By pressing a stamp into the prepared sheet of metallic clay, the particles are forced out of alignment. Now the raised areas of clay are gently sliced off using a tissue blade, leaving a holographic 3-D effect. These scraps that are sliced off are also useful (I save everything) for creating a pendant or matching beads. When I am working with the Mica Shift technique I always have a prepared square of clay ready to lay these shaved off scraps onto. My favorite brand of clay for this technique is Premo, it seems to have the largest particles of mica per ounce. I also use Fimo Soft white pearl in many of my beads & pendants. It adds a lustrous pearly glow to the piece & is a different shade of white than the Premo pearl. Below is the matching Mica Shift Necklace & Earring Set
I hope you will try this technique, it is really lots of fun & surprisingly easy! You’ll be amazed when you see the ghost effect appear! The real magic happens after you’ve baked your pendant & sanded it smooth:)

Polymer Clay Millifiori Pendant

My millefiori pendant is made on a Lime Green base, I've chosen a complementary color scheme, one that uses any two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. I started by layering the base with dichroic foils, you can see an area of green tinted foil towards the center of the finished pendant. Next step, adding the translucent swirly cane slices, after that, very, very thin slices of the largest flowers & finishing up with the tiny white blossoms. This pendant required lots of wet-sanding…but not too much! I’ve gotten so into the sanding sometimes, I’ve sanded some flowers right off the pendant!! Gosh, I hate when I do that:(

Polymer Clay Handmade Buttons

Button, Button, Whose Got the Button?
Handmade polymer clay buttons make a unique addition to any craft project. Made to match the material in your quilt or wall-hanging, just send me a sample of the fabric & I'll do a custom Color/Design match...just for you!
Maybe Scrap-booking is your craft of choice,  my custom buttons can add flare & personality to your pages!
Or, maybe your like me & home decorating is your thing. I make all my own decorative pillows & polymer buttons add a special touch to any decor, from Modern to Country.
Buttons are just plain fun to collect & trade too!

Polymer Clay Charm Bracelets

Charming, Charm Bracelets! Pictured above are just a few of the many different bracelets in my new collection.This new line of Charm Bracelets have been such a popular item in my Etsy Shop this year.  I think it's because they are so fun to wear & no matter where you go people want to look at all the charms & ask you where you found such a unique bracelet! The Black & White Made for a Angel bracelet is especially close to my heart. I made this in memory of my Mom who passed away 7 years ago from a series of strokes. She is my Angel! She taught me every craft imaginable, from crocheting doilies & afghans to watercolor painting & quilting & so much more. She did it all, and did it to perfection! I miss her everyday, but know she lives on in my heart & also in my many craft projects, she is my daily inspiration:)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Polymer Clay Butterfly Pendant

This is a Butterfly Pendant that I currently have for sale in my Etsy shop.  The background base of the pendant is a skinner blend I created using Fimo Soft clay in a blend of Lime Green, Turquiose & White.  On top of this I layered bits of Faux Dichroic, a clear Bubble cane & a few of my own Purple Aster Flower canes. The Butterfly cane was a work in progress, in other words, I'd add some new accent colors, let it sit, and go back to it again when I felt the urge to complete it! It probably took me a month or two to finally get it the way I liked it. For the finish glaze on the pendant I used a clear macro-sparkle treatment.  I really like this finish, as it gives a luminous glow to the piece and is relatively easy to achieve a pleasing result.


This blog is all about sharing techniques, ideas & exploring new ways of working with Polymer Clay. Join me daily, as I create new items for my Etsy shop or just have fun creating a whimsical sculpture or gift for a friend!
I hope my enthusiasm for clay ignites the spark of creativity within you!