Friday, October 22, 2010

Polymer Clay & Stainless Steel Cable Bracelets

I love to mix different mediums, such as this Stainless Cable with my handmade Polymer Clay chunky beads, and a few Glass Beads too! These are fun to wear, especially with the dangling charms.
This is a very long piece of Sterling Chain threaded with a double length of clear jewelry elastic. It makes a nice slouchy, chic looking bracelet. I made assorted Raspberry colored beads with a mix of Premo Pearl white & Premo Pearl red, and a few Plum & Grape Millifiore flower beads. I also added my New Pyramid shaped beads set in a silver bezel. First, I made the standard Swirled Lentil bead, flattened the back, and then used a small square of Plexiglas, pressing it in towards the center on all 4 sides, to refine the Pyramid dome.

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