Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Under the Sea: Starfish, Shell & Freshwater Pearl Bracelets

Peach & Melon Starfish Bracelet
Silver & Turquiose Starfish Bracelet

Back to my favorite private beach last week-end, where I find all my lovely shells. You can only get there by boat, it's very secluded. We always take our dog Teddy along with us, he's very good at sniffing out the best shells!! I hope you like my new Starfish bracelets, they are loaded with a nice mix of Scallop shells, Orange & white Jingles, Pointed Augers, Freshwater Pearls, and my new Mini 10mm Pillow Beads.
Click this link & come visit my Etsy Shop to see my Starfish Bracelet & and many more unique jewelry designs.
Seafoam Starfish Bracelet

Teddy is hunting for shells


  1. Hi Sherri I just discovered your beautiful artful jewelry - I LOVE EVERYTHING! I was wondering if you have written any books, have a catalog, or if you ever sell your polymer clay charms? I have 10 grand-daughters that I would love to introduce to this beautiful artful journey. I look forward to seeing what you do next and plan to check out your tutorials. Your artistry is amazing!

  2. Hi Barb, Thank you so much for writing to me! As of yet, I haven't written a book, but I do keep adding new tutorials to my shop. Here is the link to my Etsy Shop:
    I also write free tutorials for the Sculpey Clay Co.