Friday, January 17, 2014

Polymer Clay: What's on my Worktable this Week

I'm working on a few canes this week, using Premo Pearl clay in blends of woodsy earth tones, turquiose, green, brown, and tan.
I created a tab bead bracelet using the large cane, I added Gold Leaf accents to the edges. I polished the beads using my bench lathe. I also made a pendant & earring set, that has a coating of Enviro-tex lite resin.
The pink/orange/gold tab bracelet in the right hand corner was an experiment in Faux Raku. I used a base of black clay & texturized it with extra-large grit sandpaper. Then I applied Pearl-Ex powders & Perfect Pearls using my finger. Next, I dabbed on some Sculpey Glaze, then baked the beads for 30 minutes. The Sculpey Glaze caused the Pearl-ex powders to bubble up (looking more like a ceramic Glaze). While the beads were still hot from the oven I added some Kato Clear liquid clay straight from the squeeze bottle, kind of blobbing it on. I popped them in the oven again for another 30 minutes, using the heat gun to clarify them.


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