Thursday, March 13, 2014

Polymer Clay Flower Dangle Earrings: Free Tutorial

Flower Dangle Earrings                 
© Sherri Kellberg,  Beadazzle 2014
Polymer Clay Tutorial by artist Sherri Kellberg

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 This is a free tutorial for all my blog followers  
Earrings are my favorite piece of jewelry to create! I love color coordinating them with different outfits. It’s the perfect way to add a splash of color and pizzazz to your style. My Etsy Shop is full of unique Wearable Art jewelry. I hope you enjoy making these earrings, add your own spin on them, try them in sparkly gold or silver! Happy crafting!

Material Needed:  1 package Bronze Premo clay
                              1 package Copper Premo clay
                              1/2" circle cutter & Mini Flower cutter
                              Texture sheet
                              Small flower stamp
                              Bead pin
                              Earring findings: earwires, eye pins, jump rings
                              Turquiose beads

STEP ONE:  Condition a segment of Bronze Premo! clay, roll out on the #2 setting of your pasta machine. Cut out 2 circles with a 1″ cutter.

STEP TWO:  Form each circle into a tube bead shape. Roll until smooth.
STEP THREE:  Roll each tube bead over the texture sheet

STEP FOUR:  Use the bead piercing tool to incise lines & dots on bead. Make a hole horizontally through the top part of the bead. Bake clay beads as per package directions.

STEP FIVE: Making the marbled flower bead.  Condition a segment of Bronze and one of Copper. Marble the colors together, roll out on #1. Cut 4 flower shapes (use 2 flowers to make 1 bead), using the Flower cutter tool.

STEP SIX:  Stamp the bead with a small flower stamp. Make hole in flower bead. Bake beads.

STEP SEVEN: Distress the beads with acrylic paints. Brush on, wipe off excess

STEP EIGHT: Assemble earrings, add copper findings & beads
Here is a variation on these earrings

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Your creations are absolutely amazing!