Sunday, February 27, 2011

Garden Inspirations...Flowers & Butterflies

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It's funny how working in the garden, hands in the dirt, sun on your back, can inspire you to create something totally unique.  I think I zone-out while I'm digging around, planting colorful flowers & pulling pesky weeds. So, that is how these new little cone-shaped Vintage looking earrings came about. I believe I do my best work when I don't think, don't plan, just let it happen -lol Clear your mind, put on some music, take a deep breath,
and let your creativity flow...

Native Florida Plants that Attract Butterflies Many beautiful native Florida plants have the added advantage of attracting butterflies, the most attractive of all winged insects. Since butterflies usually migrate long distances, they require frequent stopovers for food and rest. 

Our front garden is full of Butterfly
attracting flowers. I just love to 
watch them fluttering around, the dogs
are absolutely mystified by them too.
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