Friday, May 28, 2010

Polymer Clay Faux Dichroic Bangle Bracelet

Faux...Faux...Faux!  This is a bangle bracelet I made on a base of Kato Clay, formed around a Coke can as an armature. I cut the Coke can in half so it will just fit inside my clay oven. I always use a base band of Kato because it makes the bracelet extremely strong, yet slightly flexible. I created this in 4 layers, with 4 separate bakings. After the final baking I wet sanded it, inside & out, then hand buffed it to a silky smooth sheen! Try making a bangle's so much fun:)


  1. This is an amazing technique. You did an excellent job. I've always wanted to learn this technique. Where did you learn this or was it plucked out of your imaginative creative mind?

  2. Hi Dawna
    Glad you like it! No technique really, just some scraps of different purple canes & foils attached to translucent clay & layered. I should keep track of this stuff I suppose. I believe I make the best pieces when I don't think, & lately, I'm pretty good at that!lol