Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Leaping Lizards

Polymer Clay Lizard Cuff Bracelet
We live in a tropical climate on the West Coast of Florida & our yard & patio is crawling with these little creatures. They inspired me to create this Lizard Cuff bracelet.  Some people call them Geckos or Skinks. My favorite's are the Green Anoles or Chameleons. They get their name from their ability to change their skin color to suit their environment. The more common Brown Anoles were brought here from the Bahamas & Cuba. I love to watch the males as they puff their orange throat flap in & out. Our dog Teddy loves to chase them around the pool deck, I have to watch him so he doesn't catch any!
 This bracelet was made using Kato black clay. I chose Kato clay for it strength & durabilty, so the bracelet would hold up to taking it on & off. I used Pearl-X powders for the lizard's iridescent skin, his eyes are flat Swarovski crystals.  
                                                        My little lizardy inspirations


  1. Great lizard cuff. I also like how the eye reflects light. They coloring of the cuff is also amazing.

  2. Thanks so much Dawna, I really appreciate your comments!

  3. Sherri - I LOVE this bracelet!! Love it. Love it. Love it. Nice job.


  4. Thank you for your nice comments Dawna & Melissa!