Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Polymer Clay Handmade Watercolor Round Earrings

My Watercolor Round Earrings are stylish & eye-catching, just right for the long hot days of summer!
I created the cane used for these earrings by combining left-over ends, (I save everything!) a series of stacked skinner blends from another cane. I never expected them to be so popular. Next time, I'll take photos, so I remember exactly how I mixed the colors & assembled the cane.


  1. I'm sure these are such a hit. The colors are so fresh and happy! I love that you showed the cane!

  2. Thanks so much Susan! That's about all I have left of the cane, I need to get on the ball & start making up some new canes:)

  3. great work! I love those colors!